The One Thing That Changes Every Picture…

I recently put out a poll curious about people’s frustration with getting pictures taken. I was shocked at the results and my resolve was strengthened. There seems to be a photographer around every corner. Someone who will do it for pennies. To be honest, I thought money would be the biggest hurdle for people. It was blown out of the water by another answer. This answer gave me so much hope for my craft and the photography industry as a whole.

The number one answer was more than double the response for money. The biggest frustration people have with pictures is not liking themselves in them. Can you believe it? Well, you probably can because you feel the same way. Why did that give me so much hope? This is my super power! I gotchya girl. Guys, don’t worry, I’ve got your back too.

When I first felt called to photograph faces, I knew posing would be the key to success. If I could show a woman on the back of my camera how incredible she looked, her life would be changed in that instant. My mission of inspiring women would be fulfilled, she would purchase incredible images, and I could provide for my family. Then showing her images to another woman, that woman would have the courage to come in for a shoot and her life would be changed also. It is this incredible cycle where everyone wins and the world becomes a better place. Who doesn’t want that?

In order for that to happen, I had to figure out how to create these stunning images. I quickly discovered it came down to posing. The camera doesn’t lie and it sees the world differently than my eyeballs. I had to figure out how make what I saw translate to what my camera saw. This is why we look at a picture and wonder, “Do I REALLY look like that??” Honestly, to the camera the answer is yes. To the regular human eyeball, the answer is no. I promise not to bore you with the science of it all, but there is lots of science behind the answer.

As with any question in my life, I turned to research. It started with myself, how do I make this short, chubby body look good? I figured if I got that down, all else would be easier, right? This is why posing has become my super power. This is what sets me apart from the photographers who charge pennies. I don’t just take pictures, slap on some filters and call it good. To really be great, one must study that subject. I study this craft I have fallen in love with.

Confession time? I wait for the fashion magazines to publish their yearly gynormous magazine, then I buy it. My husband scoffs at the price until I remind him it’s for business and I saved a few dollars not subscribing. I know you are probably wondering what this has to do with posing women and photography. While flipping through the pages, I usually ignore much of the articles. My focus is the advertisements. Yes, I study fashion magazines. Embarrassingly when I see an interesting pose, I try to recreate it with my own body before flipping the page. I study where there feet are, where their hands are, which direction their torso is, etc, etc. I even hold the magazine close to my face to see the lighting reflection in their eyes. I could geek out for hours on this, but I will spare you. If you like geeking out about this too, let’s get coffee!

olympic photoshoot

When I immerse myself in a subject, I forget how much knowledge I have stuffed in my brain. Recently I got the honor to assist another photographer who flew into Colorado Springs to shoot Olympians for a campaign he was hired to work on. Amongst many lessons learned, one jumped out at me. He was photographing a female. This is the first time I had worked with him so I didn’t want to overstep any boundaries. The poser inside me (no, not that kind of poser) wanted to give her advice and direct her a little bit. I did it in my head and stayed quiet. In that moment I realized how much of an expert I have become in posing women’s bodies for the camera. My career is many steps lower on the ladder than his, but in this area I felt pretty accomplished.

Whether it’s a family photo where if mama don’t look good, ain’t nobody look good, a headshot, or something more sexy, we’ve got you covered. If the saying goes, the camera adds 10 pounds but I can help you shed 10 pounds, does that mean you will look 20 pounds slimmer?? Want to come in for a shoot and see?


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