Preparing for your Photoshoot

If you are like most ladies, you won’t have a beauty or boudoir photoshoot every month. It’s a special event, so let’s talk how to get ready for it, aside from wardrobe. If you were going on a vacation or a special event, you wouldn’t go without getting your hair done, right? If you book with us, we have you covered with a detailed checklist and suggestions. We also work with you about wardrobe. If you are thinking about scheduling a photography session, here’s some prep ideas so you can be more prepared when you do book. No, you don’t have to lose 15 pounds before you do. If you are nervous or don’t think you look good in pictures, so do most women. You aren’t alone! Step out and get on our calendar.

These things are important to start doing 2-3 weeks before your photo day.

FACE: Let’s get that skin the best it can be! If you want to fully treat yourself, schedule a facial. Make sure you allow yourself enough time in case it causes a breakout, about a week or so. STOP PICKING! It’s much easier to cover a pimple with makeup than the flaky aftermath. Stay away from the scary side of the mirror a few days before. That magnified side, I call it the scary side. If you don’t exfoliate on a regular basis, now is the time. Do it a couple times a week for the 2 weeks leading up to your session. Lastly, make sure those brows are on point whether you pluck, get waxed, or suffer through threading. Why do we do these things to ourselves?

TEETH: Let’s get those teeth pearly white to glimmer in your images. Go to your favorite drug store and pick up your favorite teeth whitening kit. If you have time or sensitive gums, choose a system that takes a week or two. If you are in a time bind, there are systems that take a day or two. From personal experiences, they can cause some discomfort and extra sensitivity for a few days. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

HAIR: A few tips. Now is not the time for that huge change of do. Get those roots touched up. Get a trim and give your locks a nice conditioning treatment. Healthy, shiny hair can take off five years. Every little bit helps, right?

preapre for boudoir lingerie photoshoot

Don't forget to give all your skin love for your boudoir photography!

HANDS/FEET: Another excuse to pamper yourself. Get a mani/pedi. Keep your nails a neutral color like black, light pink, or french tip and neatly shaped. Think classic. We don’t want your fingers to detract from your beautiful face. Your toes can handle a little more color unless you are a contortionist and your feet will be at your head. If you wear rings, take them to the jeweler for a good cleaning to make the sparkle. Allow a couple days in case a stone is lose and needs fixing.

SKIN: Unless you are a frequent spray tanner, embrace your pale skin. If you must, try it a month or so before your shoot and if you like it, then get another. The last thing we want is orange skin in your pictures! Make sure to schedule that waxing appointment in enough time to let the inflammation go down. If you are wearing lingerie, don’t forget the bikini area as well as the arm pits and legs. Is it just me or do you feel a little sexier after all the proper areas are clear of hair? Give yourself every boost you can!

Some imperfections cannot be prepared away, like birthmarks or scars. Either you love them or you hate them. Make sure to bring them up in your consultation. We can discuss if you want them in your images or if you want to see yourself without them. There is no right or wrong. It’s your body, your experience, and your images.

As my 11 year old son so wisely said, “It’s takes work to look this beautiful!” We want your glamour, boudoir, or headshots photos to be the best version of you. It all starts with prepping. Relax and let yourself be pampered not just at the shoot, but before too.

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