Luggage Holding You Back?

There is a line from one of my favorite kid movies, the character was told, “You are here for such a time as this.” By the time we reach adulthood, we have baggage. You may have a light carry on while another has so many bags they keep running in reverse because they can’t carry them all at the same time. Regardless of the amount, it is there. Have you ever stopped to consider the story that baggage represents?

I was always the weird kid. Socially very awkward and I marched not just to a different beat, but a whole different instrument than a drum. There was a time as a young teenager when I was friendless. No joke, that little girl had not one friend. Her books caught her tears, her journal recorded the good days. That is one piece of very large luggage I carried with me everywhere.

When people meet me today as an adult, they are astonished that just a few short years ago I was so terrified socially, I was crippled. I would not go anywhere without my young children because I could focus on them, and not have to interact much with the grown ups. When I decided to go back to school, my first term was all online. That’s how crippled I was.

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After some in person classes, I began to realize what I was missing. I woke up one day and decided to face this crippling anxiety head on. I would not be beaten. I had come so far in my life and needed to continue the progress. I’d love to say it was easy. It wasn’t. I had success and failures. I felt weird taking classes about people skills. But, I persevered.

Now that we moved to the Falcon area of Colorado Springs, I see what all that preparation was for. It was for this amazing experience of moving to another state and creating a life I had only dreamed of. Such a time as this. The last few years were preparing me for moving to a city where I knew not a single soul except for our real estate agent and mortgage broker. We had to completely restart our lives and my photography business. Although it has been more work than we thought, we feel were chosen to be in this place at this time doing what we are. Hello all you beautiful Colorado women! Come be my friend. Maybe that sounds a little too much? I so feel like a kid at a new school. Anyways…

The pinnacle moment was just recently being invited to a new mom’s group. All of my children are school age so I did not have them to chase around or hid behind.When I came home, the first thing that hit me was I did not feel nervous showing up or at anytime during the gathering. That is progress plainly measured!

What is one piece of luggage holding you back? It might be that light carry on or it could be much heavier.


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