Loose Skin Makes for a Hot Boudoir Session

There is a woman who woke up one day and was tired of being sick and tired. She thought weight loss would solve her self-hate. Jessica worked and worked hard to lose about 125 pounds. In the process she had left a toxic marriage and met an amazing man. Even though he told her how beautiful she was, Jessica didn’t believe him. Sure she was much healthier and smaller, but now she had all this loose skin that she despised. Rather than struggle with obesity, she exchanged it with body dysmorphia.

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Jessica put her name in the running for a model call with us for a boudoir session. Her loved ones were rooting for her. They saw the beauty she held. She was chosen and showed up for her shoot very nervous and shy. We laughed as that skin kept having to be adjusted and was not behaving. It was fun to see her colorado photographyblossom and become more confident during each outfit change. By the end Jessica left with her head a little higher.

When she came back for her reveal, she was astonished that the images she was looking at were really her. Jessica couldn’t believe it. She was only going to buy a few but couldn’t decide and ended up purchasing all of them. Paying for half of them, we made a payment agreement, and she left excited. A couple weeks later she came back to finish paying and pick up her folio box. She couldn’t stop talking about how the experience changed her life. Jessica said, “I’m not a hugger but can I give you a hug?”

Jessica in her own words:

“I have never really felt pretty… that being said Shannon took a awkward self conscious shy introvert and brought her out of her shell and showed her the beauty she held. I’ll be honest I wasn’t planning on buying much but once I saw the results, I had to have them! Shannon was awesome working out an easy doable payment plan. Love Love LOVED it!”


This is exactly why women are our main choice of photography clients in Colorado Springs. We give confidence back to the world one woman at a time. It doesn’t matter if you feel like your body isn’t perfect enough. If you think you have to lose some weight or if you are like Jessica and have loose skin after weight loss, it doesn’t matter. Every single woman has her own unique beauty and that is what we aim to capture. Don’t let your perceived flaws hold you back from all that life wants to give you. I am here to tell you, you are worthy and beyond enough.

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