I’m a Colorado Photographer Now!

I know how often we can second guess a decision and wonder what life would be like had we not chosen it. In my life I had have made some pretty stupid choices and some pretty incredible choices. Those incredible choices have come about because I listen to that little voice that lives in the pit of my stomach. Sometimes it comes up and whispers in my ear. Sometimes it causes me to feel like I just ate some bad Chinese food.

When the man got laid off, we both knew big things were going to happen and we had to trust the process. We had no idea it meant a move across states. That little voice was whispering in our ear, telling us our minds would be blown. When all the kids were excited about moving too, it sealed the deal. Well, after picking up brain matter when the man got the job, we had to clean it up again when we signed papers for our house. We got a beautiful home, I thought I could only dream about in a place where we perfectly fit. With 5 bedrooms, I finally get a dedicated space for a studio! I constantly look around and tell myself, “I have such a good life!”

This amazing life would not have been possible if I had doubted that little voice or wanted to stay in my happy place. There is joy and adventure when we step out, jump off the cliff and hope there are no boulders in the water. What has been nagging at you to take that leap? It might be something small, like trying a new place or it may be huge like moving. When we live in the place we know, we don’t see what is on the other side. What if the other side is your dream life? What if there is only one thing holding you back from unleashing the beast?

I know change and the unknown are scary places! I let them paralyze me for many years until one day I decided to live where I had to buy stronger deodorant or wear a sweater to cover the pit stains. You can do it! It takes one step and each step after gets easier and easier until one day you realize you forgot your deodorant and didn’t have to scrub out a pit stain.

Photographing women and showing them their inner beauty is my calling and it has been hard to put that on the back burner during this transition. We are now located in the Falcon area just outside of Colorado Springs. We want to change your life! Appointments are limited until I finish school next June so don’t wait until the last minute to schedule a complimentary consultation. Call us, email us, or send us smoke signals.

Go get ’em girrrl!!



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