If we’re honest….

The idea of honesty is one that has weighed on my mind lately. I’m not talking about burning your Spanx or swearing of plastic surgery. I’m talking about emotional honesty. I would love to see more social media posts along the lines of “life sucks right now but I’m working on it” There’s a song that keeps rattling in my head, a line says, “If we are honest it will change our lives.” We all have baggage, we all have those tender spots we like to guard. At the same time we want people to see a certain perspective us. What would happen if we let down our guard and the next time someone asked how you were, rather than the socially acceptable answer, try, “Ya know, I’m struggling with being a parent right now.”

I grew up where what happens within the walls of your home are never discussed. When we walk out of the house, we paste on a smile and tell everyone we see how great our life is, even while it implodes. Rather than striking out in violence or burying the issue, instead we say, “I am feeling marginalized today by your actions. How can we deal with this?”

Can you imagine if you just told your kid, “You are exhausting me right now”? In the perfect parent book, we are supposed to suck it up. How does that help our child? Maybe their behavior IS exhausting and no on is brave enough to tell them for fear they might hurt the kid’s feelings. Along with honesty comes empathy. We can’t just blurt out in an accusatory manner. We have to speak our own truth kindly and be willing to hear the other person. Likewise, both people need to genuinely listen to one another and be respectful.

Can you imagine a world where we don’t have to be the “good girls” while longing wishing we could have the fun of a “bad girl’? How about we all be kind, loving girls who are honest with one another and have fun together?

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