Find Your Confidence NOT Your Sexy!

Her eyes sparkled as she fluffed up her hair looking at the pictures. This teenager was on her way to buy another pair of earrings when she got distracted. Those pictures of women dressed up, makeup done, hair reaching to the heavens enthralled her…Glamour Shots. Can you hear the breathiness in those two words? Glamour Shots. She knew her mother would never allow it so she moved on to the jewelry store but couldn’t stop thinking about those pictures. She felt akward and chubby but somehow she knew those pictures would transform her into a goddess.

Usually when I talk to women about being photographed they conjure up images in one of two camps. Camp one, glamour shots. They are now the stuff of legends if you were a lucky one who actually got them done. I remember every time I would go to Claire’s at the mall, I would yearningly look at that store front wishing to get gussied up and have my picture taken. The other camp is skimpy lingerie in suggestive poses. This is fun for some but not all. I believe empowerment can happen regardless of your clothing choice.

My goal is always for you to see yourself in a new way and perhaps discover/rediscover your own unique beauty. We all have our own version of beautiful just waiting to be unleashed. What would your life look like if you moved about this world knowing you are perfect just the way you are? What if you woke up everyday with confidence? What if on those down days you had a picture to remind you of the amazing person you are? This is what I want for every woman on this planet! We sell ourselves short far too often!

Colorado Springs BoudoirHow do you want to show up in this world? Are you an adventure seeker and always wanting to push your boundaries? Are you one who has that quiet, gentle strength? I joke that in the first five minutes of a shoot I can figure out what type of person you are. With this knowledge I can guide the shoot to better bring forth your natural personality. How you decide to cloth your body is entirely up to you. Do you have that military ball gown in your closet that only got worn once? Do you dream of a Victoria Secret experience? It isn’t about finding your inner sexy, but finding your inner confidence. This can happen fully clothed or in nothing at all. Promise!

I know it can be intimidating in front of the camera. We are happy to get family pictures but much more hesitant to be the one front and center in our own shoot. In family pictures we can hide behind kids, and interact with one another to alleviate that awkwardness. In beauty and boudoir photography, you are the star of the show. Our culture has taught us a lady should be seen and not heard. When we show up to be heard, powerful things happen. When you show up and see the best version of yourself, there is a shift in your spirit. I know it sounds crazy to say that being beautifully photographed can be life changing, but it’s true. I speak from my own experience and those who I’ve had the honor of photographing.

I believe I was put on this earth and overcome what I have to empower and inspire other women to seek their full potential. This has led to the deep desire to photograph women. This year I want to try an experiment. I want to focus on mini sessions. Each month will have a theme and you can choose how much skin you want to show. There will also be an extra treat if you book more than just one month. Other photographers will tell me I’m crazy, but that’s o.k. My hope is to get as many women as I can through my doors. I want to start a movement in Colorado Springs of women who aren’t afraid of the camera any longer, of women who love themselves and radiate that love. #areyouwithme?

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