Create an Extended Family Legacy This Holiday Season

The first time I met my husband’s side of the family he told me it would be a small gathering. I only have four cousins; 14 years later, I’m still not entirely certain how everyone on his side is related. That “small” event was bigger than my entire family get togethers! This family accepted one another flaws and all and stories were never far from their lips. My mother in law somehow became the storer of generations of photographs. I love looking through her boxes. I don’t know if this desire is because I am an introvert and desire deeper connection or the mystery of my mother’s hardly ever discussed side of the family.

For some reason I have a deep yearning to document life and photograph people so they have a legacy to leave behind. This is even why I bought my first big girl camera, to leave behind my own family’s legacy. I might not have this massive foundation changing the world, but I am leaving a lasting legacy with each client I shoot. My desire for clients is the same I have for myself. Someday I want a distant family member to be looking at photographs of me and wondering what my life was like, perhaps even making the connection to stories they have been told about me.

colorado springs family photographer

Taking this "usie" was exhausting but cherished.

Spending time as an extended family is a cherished event. Maybe you have that uncle who causes you to roll your eyes every time his name is brought up. Maybe you have a relative who you never see eye to eye with. There is nothing deeper than the connection we have with our family. They are a piece of us, we are a piece of them.

The more years that go by with siblings and parents who chose not to be part of my life, the more urgent I feel the need to encourage families to capture their moments. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Perhaps this next year there will be a huge family fight and getting together for the holidays will be a thing of the past. God forbid one of your beloved family members passes away.

What if this was your last holiday with your extended family gathered in one place at one time? Wouldn’t you want to capture that? Wouldn’t those images become precious mementos?  In writing this I keep thinking about the last photos of my family from a few years ago. When they were taken no one knew that in a few months drama would ensue and relationships would be severed.

I hope pouring my heart out didn’t scare you away. This is why photography is not just a hobby for me, but a calling. Do you have family coming into Colorado Springs? Have you ever had photographs of your extended family all in one place at one time?

Will you allow me the honor of creating your own family legacy? Can I capture your entire family this holiday season? Shoot me an email of how many and when everyone will be in town.


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