Not Your Grandma’s Nighty

Let me paint the picture for you…I was in my late teens living at the beach. It gets cold and especially when your house is large and drafty. I was just getting up when who should knock at my door? The guy who I was in that awkward almost dating but not quite stage. What was I wearing? A floor length flannel nightgown with bright colors. Yup. Mortified didn’t even come close. Let’s just say that night gown found its way to the landfill after that. I know I’m not the foxiest lady around, and that did not help that tender teenager self-esteem.

Whether you have been together with someone for 1 year, 10 years, or even 40 years, can we all agree grandma’s nighty has no place in our wardrobe? Single? Great, give yourself a boost and toss the flannel and treat yourself. Isn’t it amazing what we wear communicates how we feel about ourselves? Worried about being decent in front of your kids? Add a fabulous robe to your cart!

If you are looking for something sexy for a boudoir photoshoot or just to not feel so frumpy at home, hang on. Here are a few places around Colorado Springs besides Victoria Secret to get you feeling like the stunning woman you are.

Sorry, granny! We still love you, but we are modern women now. We can turn up the thermostat in the dead of winter and wear whatever we want!

Check out a few great places around town to go:

colorado springs lingerieNice N Naughty  in Old Colorado City
colorado springs nightie

Fascinations at Academy and Dublin

Soma Intimates at the Promenade Shops at Briargate



Now, put a classier nighty in your shopping bag along with something more fun and get your picture taken in both!


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