Can I Tell You a Secret?

Can I tell you a secret? Models aren’t born. They didn’t know how to behave in front of the camera, someone taught them.

I have a friend who I am determined to get in front of my camera on her own, in all her beauty. She was just telling me her trick of using children to hide behind. I know that trick all too well! I want to tell you, you are worth it. You are worth a beautiful picture of yourself hanging on the wall. I know it can be discouraging when you see yourself in a photo. Trust me. We have you covered. None of the women who come in are models. They are all average women like you and me.

We want to teach you too. You probably will not grace the cover of Vanity Fair, BUT I can promise you will have tools to like yourself better inpictures. Our studio is not just about pretty pictures to purchase, we are about fundamentally changing the way you see yourself. That’s why our motto is “Bringing confidence back to this world one woman at a time.” When you are having a bad day, you can look at those photos and remind yourself of the incredible person you are. Yes, that is you in those images.

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We only have a limited number of bookings every month because we want to focus on each woman who comes through our doors. It isn’t just in and out. This ain’t your mama’s glamour shots! We hope to make you a friend and fellow self-confidence seeker. Making this world a better place is the core of who we are, not just making exquisite images.

Because of our mission, we do things a little different. We help you through the entire process from choosing outfits to posing to customizing packages. Knowing that this is usually a new experience, we like to hold your hand. Isn’t life better with a buddy?

If you have a big event to purchase an outfit for, do you go it alone? No! You text all your friends the choices and ask for feedback. Your shoot is no different, except what may look good in person may not flatter you on camera. We are happy to comb through your closet looking for treasures or be that person you text as you are shopping.

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Growing up shopping at thrift stores before it was cool and not being allowed to wear makeup until I became an adult, left me curious. How the heck do you dress to flatter your body? What looks good together? I had no idea and began a love affair with fashion. It is incredible how clothing can change how we see ourselves and interact with the world. In an effort to understand makeup, I signed up for school and became a certified makeup artist.

Makeup can be intimidating especially if you never wore much or in a long time. You come with a clean face and we doll you up. We even do your hair. See? We take the stress and excuses out. In the makeup chair is another opportunity to learn tips and tricks for your specific face. All along the way there is opportunity to learn little nuggets to have more confidence.

One of the biggest causes for nerves is posing. Often when getting your picture taken, someone is not there to tell you how to look good, and if there is no one to hide behind, it can be intimidating. Posing is my super power. It may feel weird but usually the weirder it feels, the more amazing it looks on camera. You won’t just be told to smile, you will be guided every inch of the way. The best part? You walk away with tips how to pose your specific body every time a picture is taken. We want you to not only love our photos but all the others after you happen to be in.

colorado pictureYou will walk away from shoot day with your head a little higher and a little more self-love in your pocket not knowing what will hit you when you see your images for the first time. Within a week you come back and see them, see yourself in all your beauty. These are the lasting legacy you get to pass along to your loved ones. Know what else you get to pass along? A different, more confident you. If you think you felt great after the shoot, you will be in shock when you see your final images. Why can we say this? It happens over and over again.

Yes beautiful soul, this may seem like a lot to take in, but aren’t you worth it? Don’t you deserve to pour just a little into yourself that you pour into others? You get pampered, learn some great tips to take with you, and have images to look at on those down days.


I told you we had you covered. What makes you most nervous about having your picture taken?


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