Adult Cake Smash Birthday Photoshoot

A group of us ladies in Colorado Springs decided to take a break and meet for drinks. I didn’t know her well and she started talking about her 4oth birthday. She wanted to do an adult cake smash photoshoot. One of my friends piped up that I am a photographer. Because I had never done one, I told her I would think about it. Could I pull off a great experience? The more I thought and pinned inspiration, the more excited I became. Shortly after I enthusiastically agreed to get the party started.

We set a date and started planning. I decided to take a chance on a local gal who bakes cakes, a woman supporting another woman, what could be better? What a Hoot Bakery did not disappoint! Not only was the cake so cute I didn’t want to destroy it, it tasted incredible. My favorite assistant, the man, and I went to feed my Hobby Lobby addiction then went to Party City to get balloons. Jessica wanted one of those cute age signs, so I fired up Photoshop and created a fun keepsake for her.

Jessica was not used to being the center of attention in front of the camera so she was a little nervous at first. The fun environment calmed her nerves. She also didn’t usually wear much, if any makeup so she wanted to keep it simple. It can be a shock if you don’t recognize yourself in a picture. She wholeheartedly threw herself into the shoot and followed my direction even when she wasn’t sure. It’s no secret she is 40. In all of her years she had never sucked helium from a balloon. Can you believe it?? I thought that was a right of passage as a kid. We felt honored as we got to be her first.


It was such a fun time, we wanted to do this more. Whether you want your face in a cake or a more classy birthday party, let’s collaborate! Want your own party? Check it out

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