8 Quick Steps to Perfectly Choosing Clothes for Family Pictures

It’s family picture time! Everyone is trying to squeeze the last bit out of this Colorado weather before it turns cold. Before I was a photographer I hated, yes, HATED deciding what my family was going to wear. You want each person to look good without killing the budget and having some leftover for actually purchasing pictures. Right?

colorado springs family pictures Here is the process I use and guide other families through:

  1. First, pick your colors. Look around your house and consider what colors would go with your decor as I hope those pictures will make it on the wall. On the color wheel pick either colors that are directly across from each other (my personal favorite) or colors right next to each other. Choose 2-3 colors, generally a main color, a complimentary color, and a neutral color. It’s helpful to choose colors most family members wear so you aren’t buying more clothes.
  2. It’s easiest to begin building upon one person. Does one person’s outfit scream “Pick me!”? Start building using that as the inspiration.
  3. Now that you have one outfit figured out, texture and style are next in line to avoid matchy-matchy. For instance, Dad wears a button up and slacks, but a little one wears a dress, and mom wears a knit sweater with dark jeans. These are all different articles of clothing and it adds texture but still keeps a tight color palette.
  4. Next up are accessories while considering the shooting environment. Have you ever tried high heels in a field? Or a scarf in the wind? Accessories also include anything with hair, like barrettes.
  5. Lay everything out on a bed or the couch, even accessories. Take a step back and look at your work. Does anything look off? Is there a tight color palette with different textures and articles of clothing?
  6. Walk away and make yourself your favorite beverage. Leave it all for an hour or two and let your brain refresh.
  7. Come back and take another look at all the outfits. Do they still look good? Not sure? Snap a picture and send it to your photographer.
  8. Pat yourself on the back because the hardest part is done! Now put them on hangers so you don’t have to iron last minute.

colorado springs family photographer

If you have a gynormous family pick a color and hope everyone listens. This usually gets a great variety of that color and textures.

When you are getting everything ready, don’t forget to pack a few treats. It’s o.k, we aren’t above a little bribery!

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